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Eazy is a super easy tool to manage your entire business from anywhere at any time. The only thing you have to do is log in to your eazy account. Eazy will bring your entire business operation to your fingertip.


Features included in EAZY

HR Management

Accounts Management

Leads Management

Task Management

Transaction Management

Payroll Management

Inventory Management

Sales Management

Project Management

Reports Management

Goal Tracking

Budget Planner

Events and notice board

FaceTalk Meetings

Estimate Management

Deal Management


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Great News!
We from EAZY company is offering you an irresistable and unlimited offer!
A premium quality service for only $35.00 per month with no extras !!!


  • Number of Users 3
  • Number of clients 5
  • Number of customers -1
  • Package duration :month


  • Number of Users 5
  • Number of clients 5
  • Number of customers 5
  • Package duration :unlimited


  • Number of Users 5
  • Number of clients 5
  • Number of customers 5
  • Package duration :month

HRM Module


Complete human resource management module with all HR functions.

CRM Module


Complete customer relationship management module with all CRM functions.

Accounting Module


Complete account management module with all accounting functions.

Project Module


Complete project management module with all project management functions.


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Great News!

Great News! We are so happy to introduce to you EAZY our accounting software. It is a kind of software that is a great help for you to connect more and or to start a small business. You dont need to have an accounting degree to be able to do this. EAZY is made easy for people to comprehend accounting. This software has tools to do your own quotes,invoices and payroll online. It is also a great tool for accountants and book keepers of the business. It enables you to connect to banks for faster and easier accounting job. You can access it anytime and anywhere at your most convenient time! EAZY is made easy for you!

Great News!

Great News! We are adopting a way of doing business accounting in Australia. Our EAZY accounting software is perfect for a sole trader or a small company businesses! Whether you are a baker, a florist, a mechanic or an electrician EAZY has tools that caters for all types of small businesses. It targets to make your business accounting as easy as possible. Sending quotes and invoices are fast for you to get paid on time or as soon as possible! So start your business now with EAZY! A new tool for easy online business accounting for all types of businesses!

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